What is EcoKitchen? An A+ rated, sustainable kitchen ecology unit system that eliminates grease, smoke and odour

EcoKitchen is an A+ rated (rated by EU Commission) kitchen ventilation system that is unrivalled in the marketplace due to its unique characteristics and high quality. The FEL SYSTEM filter installed inside EcoKitchen is certified to EN ISO 16890 and a host of other standards (see more on certs below).

It is manufactured in Italy by Expansion Electronic. We are the sole distributors of EcoKitchen in Ireland and the UK and joint distributors in the UAE.

Quality of Filtration – EcoKitchen uses electrostatic precipitators (filters). Unlike traditional bag/pocket filters, these precipitators don’t just trap the particles (i.e. bacteria, viruses, etc.); they actively kill off these harmful particles during the filtration process.
Complete elimination of odours, grease and smoke
Permanent Filters – the filters contained in EcoKitchen are not disposable, they simply need to be cleaned and will last the lifetime of the entire unit, with correct cleaning/maintenance.
Air is Suitable for Recirculation – A vertical duct riser may not be required as the air quality exhausted from EcoKitchen is suitable for recirculation.
Carbon Filter does not Need Replacement – only the carbon needs to be replaced.
Efficiency – EcoKitchen uses up to 30% less electricity than similar products because efficiency is not reduced as it continues to work.
No Exhaust Maintenance is required – when we open the exhaust side of EcoKitchen, the unit and the connected ductwork are demonstrably clean.
Standards – certified to the highest standards in the world (see below)
EcoKitchen elements are bespoke – to your particular kitchen extraction needs.

EcoKitchen has been installed in the following places – Supermarkets including LIDL, shopping centres, hotels, apartments, numerous restaurants including:
Lidl, Italy, Conad Supermarkets, Italy, Rockets Restaurants, Dublin, Staple Foods, Dublin, Coop supermarket, Chur, Switzerland, JP Morgan Bank, Milan, Migros Supermarket, Winterthur, Switzerland, The House Hotel, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Telal Hotel Apartments, Dubai, UAE, Il Centro Shopping Centre, Milan to mention just a few.

From EHA4 to EHA2: The filters installed in EcoKitchen systems guarantee a reduction of the particulates and odours developed/ emitted during the cooking process from EHA4 to EHA2.
As discussed above, a vertical duct riser may not be required as the air quality exhausted from EcoKitchen is suitable for recirculation and Fire shafts are not necessary to house exhaust ducting from EcoKitchen.
Feedback from other architects has been that the number of queries and delays has been greatly reduced when EcoKitchen was specified as the kitchen extraction system.
EcoKitchen is bespoke depending on the needs of your client.

EcoKitchen can be retrofitted in your commercial kitchen and we can conduct a free consultation and site survey to advise you on the best solution for you. EcoKitchen is bespoke depending on your needs.

Advice: ACS Ventilation Group will discuss and advise you on which bespoke composition of EcoKitchen is best suited to your needs.
Supply and Install: ACS Ventilation Group supplies and install EcoKitchen.
Support: ACS Ventilation Group are on hand to support you with any additional advice that you may require at all stages pre and post – purchase.

Installing Ecokitchen in your commercial premisies will reduce energy consumption. Therefore, there is a possibility that you may qualify for a Business Sustainability Support Grant when you purchase EcoKitchen.
You can find out more about these grants on the SEAI website.

What certifications do EcoKitchen’s electrostatic filters have?
– ISO 16890 (new international standard to classify filters) EN 16798, EN1822.
– UL867.
– CE.
– ILH from the Institute of Berlin for 99% abatement of bacteria and moulds.

Testimonial from David Sheehan, Staple Foods

“EcoKitchen has been an excellent tool for us to achieve sign off and support from our Landlord when opening our new restaurant. With several high-end residences above our premises the landlord was explicit in their request to have zero extraction from the premises. They did not want the residents to be getting various cooking smells at various times of the day and to this end we decided to look for a provider for a recirculated system that would meet our budget and our landlord’s expectations.
We found EcoKitchen after researching the internet and investigating several different extraction supplier’s options. We felt that given the fact that the filtered air from EcoKitchen can be recirculated along with our fresh air supply, this meant that there was no requirement for a vertical duct riser above the building which was going to cost a small fortune to put in place. Another big bonus with EcoKitchen is that it stands alone in the market place as a filtration system that does not require filters to be changed as long as the maintenance programme is adhered to.
Having been through the process of setting up a new restaurant and been let down so many times by suppliers I can definitely say that ACS Ventilation Group deliver on their promises, on time, in a professional manner and above all, provide a quality product in EcoKitchen that we can rely on. I would certainly recommend ACS and EcoKitchen.”

– David Sheehan, Staple.

Testimonial from Gregory Fortune, Eddie Rockets

“We had continuing problems in one of our restaurants, The Counter located in Dundrum Town Centre. The existing extraction system was failing to adequately extract heat and fumes from the restaurant. This caused fire alarms to activate, extract fans to trip out constantly and Centre Management complaining about the discharge from the extract system externally.
It was clear the existing system had to be replaced. We investigated several different options including installing an updated model of what we already had – combined filtration and extract system, just replacing the fans within the unit, a new ozone filtration system and the electrostatic filtration used in the Eco Kitchen system.
We opted for the Eco Kitchen Unit based on the technology used in the extraction process, the purchase cost and future running costs. Since installing the Eco Kitch en unit the effects have been excellent.Working conditions and dining experience, for both staff and customers are greatly improved. Heat and fumes from cooking are now efficiently extracted and filtered by the Eco Kitchen unit.
In terms of monetary savings, the Eco Kitchen running costs are much less due to not having to replace 4 sets of filters every month and far less cleaning of extract ducts to the electrostatic filters trapping most of the grease. We found working with ACS a very easy and straight forward process.
The installation was completed with minimum disruption and after sales service was excellent and I would have no hesitation in recommending the Eco Kitchen system.

– Gregory Fortune, Facilities Manager, Rocket Restaurants (Eddie Rockets)

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