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Here at ACS Ventilation, we can help you find a sustainable ventilation solution for your restaurant, takeaway or hotel – a solution that will provide the best indoor air quality and reduce energy costs and landfill waste.

As a restaurant owner/chef or manager, you will be more than familiar with the range of issues than can reduce the air quality in your commercial kitchen – such as complaints about odours from neighbours, high energy and maintenance costs due to poor air filtration, compliance difficulties and staff complaints etc.

If you are a hotel owner, you will know the variety of demands that ventilation systems must meet in a hotel, with the hotel rooms, offices, store rooms, ballroom, leisure centre, kitchen and wine cellars possibly all having differing air quality requirements.

Here at ACS Ventilation, we have vast experience in helping restaurants, take-aways and hotel owners find a sustainable ventilation solution for their premises and reduce energy costs and landfill waste.

Our Products are from leading European Manufacturers and include products such as kitchen extraction, heat recovery, heat pumps, chiller units, AHUs and air purification products. Some of our smaller products are available to buy online
Our A+ rated kitchen filtration system, EcoKitchen is certified to ISO 16890 which provides the highest standard of kitchen air filtration in the world.

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We offer free, no obligation consultations. We will find all the relevant info about your building, (and conduct a site survey, if required) and then advise you on what extraction/ventilation system will suit your restaurant/hotel best. We will explain to you which products from our broad range of leading brands will work best for you and give you a proposal based on this specification.

As well as a wide range of kitchen extraction systems, we offer commercial kitchen fit-out and Stainless Steel Fabrication including:
– Bespoke canopies.
– Extractor canopies.
– Customised sink units, dishwasher tables, food preparation tables
– Hygienic Stainless steel wall cladding and shelving

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