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Solutions To Your Grease Management Issues

Having Tank Management Issues such as:

  • – Blocked pipes: resulting in having to pay for extra/unplanned pump-outs,temporary closures, complaints from neighbouring businesses, traffic congestion during pump-outs?
  • – Constant, labour-intensive monitoring of the tank?
  • – Compliance difficulties?

Smart Tank from ACS Ventilation Group can greatly improve Grease Trap Management
As a commercial kitchen owner, you will be aware that legislation regarding grease pollution is getting more rigorous, and the increasing powers of water authorities to penalise persistent polluters, it makes sense to prevent, rather than react to, the costly issues poor fog management generates.

How can ACS Ventilation Group products help me solve the above issues?
ACS Ventilation Group offers two key products that will greatly improve the process and reduce the cost of managing grease:

  • – An intelligent grease monitoring system, known as the Smart Tank Manager (STM)
  • – An innovative hydromechanical grease interceptor, known as Trapzilla
  • – The STM and Trapzilla are designed to work together, however the STM will work with any grease trap.

What is the STM and How does it Work?
The STM from ACS is an intelligent tank management solution that monitors your tank for you. It works via a portal that you can log into from any WiFi enabled device. A probe is placed in your tank/s and the level of grease inside the tank is monitored remotely and the information is sent to the portal. STM also provides a local alarm at your grease trap.
When the grease reaches a pre-determined level (you can set the level) the remote monitoring technology sends a warning by email or SMS that the tank needs to be emptied. STM can be set up to alert you that your grease trap will reach full capacity within an approximate number of pre-determined days giving ample time to agree a suitable date and time for a pump out with your service provider. Better still, STM can be set up to include your service provider on the alerts so they are aware that a pump out at your premises is due giving you complete peace of mind that you are completely compliant with all your obligations.
The STM range of tank monitors includes probes that can also notify you of tank failures – (as a result from leakage / loss of fluids in fuel/oil separators, sewage treatment plants, pump stations) and also give you data on current levels and consumption data on above ground tanks.

How will the STM improve my grease management?

  • – Pump outs only happen when required which can reduce costs
  • – Peace of mind as the grease trap/interceptor is constantly monitored
  • – Blockages, Overspills, odours, accidents, insects are reduced
  • – You can give your local authority access to your portal which reduces the need for annoying business interruptions for FOG inspections
  • – No in-house maintenance which means improved health and safety
  • – STM works for oil, lubricants, water, petrol interceptors
  • – STM can be connected to your BMS for added peace of mind
  • – Access to the portal can be provided to different individuals/businesses as per your business needs e.g., property management company, catering company
  • – Bespoke, scalable application
  • – Can be retro-fitted

How will the Trapzilla Grease Interceptor help me?
The Trapzilla Grease Trap will help you in the following ways:

  • – It captures 95%+ of the grease (this compares to a 25% grease capture rate with your current tank management systems)
  • – The grease can be recycled into biofuel – there is currently a high demand for biofuel
  • – Your kitchen’s carbon foot print is reduced
  • – The risk of FOG being discharged into the sewer is greatly reduced
  • – Staff are not required to carry out any maintenance
  • – Risks of non-compliance with current regulations is vastly reduced
  • – Trapzilla is made from polyethylene which is longer-lasting than traditional steel grease traps which may corrode over time.
  • – Smaller footprint
  • – Can be retrofitted and is scalable as your business grows
  • – Can be installed underground, overground or suspended.

See a video here about how Trapzilla works: Trapzilla Grease Interceptor Operation Video – YouTube

Choosing the correct grease trap for your kitchen – Free Site Survey and Sizing Spec
At ACS Ventilation Group, we will do a FREE site survey of your kitchen and create the sizing documentation and intended grease trap specification for you. We will then submit this to Irish Water for approval. Irish Water will respond to you directly.

Trapzilla Grease Interceptor Operation Video We have 2 sizes of the Trapzilla TZ-160 and TZ -600. We specify the grease trap based on flow rate, not number of covers which makes your grease trap management far more efficient.
Contact us for spec sheets for TZ1826, TZ525 and TZ600.

Can the Trapzilla be retrofitted into my commercial kitchen?
Yes, the Trapzilla can be retrofitted into any commercial kitchen

What are the Regulations for Grease Management?
The building regulations 2000 pt h – drainage & waste disposal (2002 edition) clearly set out rules for the management of grease:

1.21 drainage serving kitchens in commercial hot food premises should be fitted with a grease separator complying with EN 1825-1:2004 and designed in accordance with EN 1825-2:2002 or other effective means of grease removal. Grease traps and interceptors must be fitted by law to the following establishments.
If your local authority visits your premises and finds that grease from your establishment has blocked the main sewer, then you are liable.
In the past establishments have been fined up to €35k for not having adequate provisions in place.

The FOG Programme
Under the FOG Programme, every food service establishment is required to apply for a licence to discharge trade effluent under Section 16 of the Local Government (Water Pollution) Act 1977.
Find out more on the Dublin City Council website here.

Like to know more?
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