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Space and Cost Design Considerations for Kitchen Ventilation Systems

As an architect or an M&E consultant, there are a number of space, cost and safety issues you may need to consider when designing a commercial kitchen ventilation systems. In this article, we will explain some issues that you need to consider before finalising your design.

Fire Safety Standards:
If the duct coming from the kitchen canopy needs to pass through another compartment to exit the building, it should meet the EN standards for fire safety EN 15871, EN13501-3 and EN1366-1 (in the case of access doors).

Cost of Fire-rated Ducts
Fire-rated duct costs are multiples of standard duct.

Valuable Space Lost Due to the Size of Fire-rated Ducts
Depending on airflow requirements the space required for the duct alone can be very large, often posing challenges for installers when they try to suspend large size duct from ceilings while trying to maintain safe passing headroom below.
Unfiltered kitchen ventilation systems are required to discharge minimum 1mt above the roof-line of the building by way of a vertical duct riser.

Vertical Duct Risers may be Required Within a Building
Often it is not possible to direct the duct horizontally out of the building before exhausting above the roof-line. In this situation, the vertical duct riser might need to be installed within the building.

Fire Shafts are Required in Some Cases
This riser may pass through various compartments of the building. This is a fire hazard which could mean a fire shaft would be needed to be constructed to house the duct.
While some savings may be made by housing other necessary services in the fire shaft it should be noted that a minimum distance of 1.5m between the fire duct and all other services is required.
These are just some of the issues that lead, in turn to other issues such as;

Design Time: additional design time is required
Loss of Space on the Premises: space lost to a back of house service that could be used to generate income as front of house space
Expense: Excessive capital expenditure on expensive fire duct and fire shaft construction.

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